Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fatherly Pride

They say that having a child changes your life forever. Until recently, I didn't feel any different. But I have experienced my first big moment of fatherly pride and thought I'd share.

Alex (in case you read sporadically, that's his name) is a moderately active baby. He wiggles around, but he doesn't kick and move a lot. Over the last few weeks, Christal had noticed that he got really excited about something at least once after she got home from work in the evenings and would kick and jump around, almost to the point of being painful. However, it wasn't always at the same time of day.

It took her about a week to put it together, but she finally realized that it was almost always the first time that she and I spoke in person. She sees patients and interacts with a dozen or so co-workers daily, and he reacts to almost none of them. But when he hears my voice for the first time, he kicks and jumps around.

One could argue (and I'm sure many of you will) that he already can't stand me, but I'm going to be positive and assume he's just that excited. Maybe it's a normal thing, but it sure made me proud.


Anonymous said...

Just gotta smile...Life will change so much for you...but will enjoy it...I wouldnt change a thing in my life with my kids, except maybe spend more time with them than I already do. The kickin'...I think he will pop out and slap you and say "What were you thinkin' man! Put me back in..." Worley

Anonymous said...

Ethan did the same thing. It's pretty neat.