Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And... appears as though it's time to start saving a for stock Fiddy, maybe one with training wheels. As of this past weekend, Christal is officially 3 months knocked up. I know, I know, we've known all this time and I haven't said anything. She (Christal) has had a few problems, and after last Fall we were afraid to say much just yet. However, we went to the doctor for the first trimester visit Monday and she (the doctor) said that everything is about as perfect as she could ask for at this point and the risk of problems now are as low as they could be.

Of course, Christal wants a girl and I want a boy. I want a boy because, as Christal can attest, I know absolutely nothing about girls. I think she wants a girl just to spite me.

Anywho, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. It's gonna be a wild new ride!