Saturday, March 15, 2008

Slow Week

We've had a slow week since my last post. We've done some long-needed picking up around the house, worked alot, played racquetball, and that's about it. And unfortunately for you, when I don't do much I think about stupid things, kinda like this:

I'm slowly talking Christal into a dog. So far it's taken me a little over 7 years to get her to open up this far, so don't get TOO excited for me just yet. But if you want to get a little excited, my favorite breed ever is the doberman. I love the look, I love the temperament, I love the personality, everything. I had aunts and uncles that had them when I was growing up, and we had one when I was in high school. They are truly incredible animals. (by the way, ours was named Fluffy)

Most people know very little about dobermans. Chances are, if you've never been around one your first thought will either be "vicious attach dog" or "Zeus and Apollo" (I think that is the first Magnum P.I. reference in my blog). Dobermans are actually one of the smartest, most loyal breeds of dogs. They're sometimes referred to as "velcro dogs", in that they want to be with you all the time. They're also very gentle when the situation calls for it, even being used as therapy dogs in nursing homes and hospitals. But they can romp with the best of them, and love to play. They typically HAVE to be the alpha dog when grouped with other dogs, and taunt and tease until they accomplish that goal.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've had one so I was researching the breed last night. One link gave sent me to the CDC. It turns out that the CDC keeps statistics of fatal dog attacks by breed. Over the period of 1979 to 1998, it's not very surprising to find that pit bulls by far led the breeds with 118 fatal attacks over that period. Rottweilers were second with 67, and german shepherds third with 41. Dobermans, it turns out, had 9 over that 22 year period. It's hard to call that a "vicious attack dog".

There were several dogs on the list that had one fatality over that 22 year period. Dogs like newfoundlands, terriors, etc. One of them really stood out to me though. Someone was actually fatally attacked by a cocker spaniel. That has to be, with out a doubt, the most embarrassing way to go. I mean, Elvis can look at that and feel good about going on the throne.

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