Thursday, October 25, 2007


Last weekend we hosted our now-annual pumpkin carving party. Every year it grows a little. Our first one was just us and Mike and Lori. This year we had about 20 people. We had a TON of fun though, and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that came. I got some pictures of the people at the party, but never got them uploaded to Smugmug. That's not what's really important though. I know you just want to see the pictures of the pumpkins. So, here ya go.

Our friends Chris and Allie came for the first time this year. Chris, as you may remember, is one of the guys that went with me on the ride to North Carolina last month. He chose this zombie scene from Dawn of the Dead.

His girlfriend Allie did an amazing job on this random monster out Trick or Treating.

Laura was also a first-timer at our parties. She did two pumpkins. The first is from a book of funny patterns that I bought.

She also did this really cool design of Rob Zombie holding a Jack-o-lantern. I had originally wanted to do this, but she did an amazing job on it!

The last of the first-timers were Stan and his family. Stan did a really good job with Puss in Boots, especially considering that a good part of the pattern was scraping instead of carving. You'll have to show me your technique Stan.

His step-son-to-be Kalib carved this scary pumpkin. Not bad for a 6-year-old! He transferred the pattern, scraped the inside, and did the cutting himself!

Stan's fiance Amber used a set of patterns out of a book Mike bought. The book was all about projection carving.

Projection carving is a really cool concept. You take one pattern and carve it in the front of the pumpkin like normal. Then you take a pattern that completes the theme and carve it in the back of the pumpkin. When placed in front of a flat surface, the back pattern projects the back carving on the surface. Amber's patterns were mice on the front and a cat on the back.


Big picture:

Our friends Adrian and Melina were repeat offenders. Adrian decided to carve Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp's character from the Tim Burton movie of the same name. Anyone else think it looks a little like Elvis Scissorhands?

Adrian somehow convinced Melina that this Chewbacca pattern would be easy. Melina wound up disagreeing, but it turned out incredible!

Mike carved this evil guy, which is the same evil guy that the group Disturbed uses on it's album covers. I like how the photo accidentally gives him a little dental bling.

He also carved this skull, which I thought turned out awesome!

Christal used a Disney pattern book that I bought and carved this pattern of Mickey Mouse out Trick or Treating. I don't know how she always manages to show me up!

For me? I carved two pumpkins as well. The first was one out of the book of funny patterns. It was titled "One Brew Too Many."

For my second, I decided to go with one of the projection pumpkins. I created my own theme with two patterns from the Disney book. Minnie Mouse is on front, with a Vampire Mickey on the back.


Big Picture:


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